Maddy Loves it Rough

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September 30 2011, 07:07 PM

Maddy Oriley hails from North Carolina is the prototypical girl from next door.  The great thing about shooting fresh girls like Maddy when they first come into the business is watching them turn from shy girl to kinky whore right before our eyes!  As you will see from this video, she’s definitely loving the rough sex treatment from the male talent.  She even said she wants to try some of the new things she’s learned with dudes from outside of the porno business…I hate to break it to sweet Maddy but its going to be pretty hard to find non-porno big dick dudes who can satisfy her bottomless desire to be degraded LOL.

Malley bts

Premature Douchebag

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September 29 2011, 12:05 AM

The guys here who work on the sets here at Porn Pros are really serious about the business of Pornography.  It takes time and dedication to create a solid product.  Don’t get me wrong, we love to throat fuck these porn sluts 24/7 but we have managed to display some self restraint for the greater good.  Unfortunately some of the male talent we use are obviously unable to show similar restraint when it comes to premature ejaculating on a whore’s face.

We decided to give this new dude a shot at breaking into the Porn Pros male talent roster. Unfortunately, in this pathetic behind the scenes footage featuring the lovely Danni Cole this guy cannot hold his load if his life depended on it!  At least his popshot was pretty decent.  He would probably make a pretty decent bukkake mope but his star potential is dimming very quickly. Check out this Real Ex Girlfriends Scene.  Danni is one hot girl!

Danni premature

Big Tits Loni Evans is Back!

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September 27 2011, 07:19 PM

You may remember the memorable mammeries of Loni Evans from a previous blog entry “Dangers of Dating a Porn Star”.  Well apparently she’s dumped her boyfriend and is back in the jizz-bizz full force!  This time she will be Massage Creeped (with the usual free facial LOL).  Watch Loni in this goofy behind the scenes video doing all kinds of ridiculous shit with her wonderful boobies!

Check out Loni’s Massage Creep Scene THIS THURSDAY 9/29/2011!

Loni tits

Crystal Clear HD

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September 26 2011, 09:09 PM

Tasha Reign has one of the most hottest bodies in Porn right now.  Her Tits are All natural and her pussy and asshole is pristine!  So we decided to shoot this behind the scenes video with Tasha using our brand new video camera.  This camera REALLY enhances the quality of the videos.  Check out the latest Samantha Saint Scene as an example.  Please let us know what you think of the videos in the “Comments” section on the video page!

You can really see every pubic hair on Tasha’s pretty pussy and asshole with this camera. And trust me guys, it still looks good enough to eat!

Tasha’s Real Ex Girlfriends Scene using this camera will be up TODAY so def don’t miss it!

Hd promo

That Pussy’s Smokin’

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September 23 2011, 12:22 AM

I would love to be the ring leader of a Porno Whores Freak Show where Super Whore Sindy Lange would be the star attraction!  Once again, we have Sindy performing freak show acts with her pussy.  This time, her magical vagina smokes a cigarette then queefs out the cancer causing (allegedly) smoke .

Smoking pussy

Scrub them Titties!

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September 21 2011, 05:13 PM

Samantha Saint is one of the hottest girls that we have shot this year.  She stands about 5’7″ and has an unbelievably tight ass with big titties and suckable nipples.  I almost jizzed in my pants just thinking about this blonde beauty grinding her shapely ass on my cock.  This video does a great job of showing Samantha’s goods after a Disgraced 18 scene.  Her Disgraced 18 Scene is up for members.  DON’T MISS THIS UPDATE BECAUSE IT IS SHOT WITH A BRAND NEW CAMERA AND LENSE. THIS SHIT IS SO SHARP, IT ALMOST LOOKS 3D!

Saint shower2

Ash Shakes Her Ass

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September 19 2011, 10:46 PM

Ash Hollywood is one kinky whore.  But she didn’t use to be that way.  We discovered Ash a few months ago and decided to shoot this newbie right away.  It was a very hot Real Ex girlfriends Scene.  But as she started to float around the business doing scenes for other companies, we noticed that she got more extreme and kinkier with her sexual tastes!  Initially, she was not down to fuck for Disgraced 18, but as you can see from this video, she’s having too much fun being treated like a useless fuck doll LOL.  Members, you def want to check out her scene!

Ash candlewax