Sasha Grey: Movie Star, Intellectual, Deepthroating Slut

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October 22 2010, 10:12 PM

Sasha Grey DeepthroatingI am a big fan of Sasha Grey. She is one of these girls that really puts her heart and body into every scene, unlike some girls who enter the business because their mommy or daddy refused to buy her a Gucci purse.

Thats why I was a little disappointed when Sasha decided that she wanted to take her brand and parlay it into a mainstream career. This is the beginning of the end for all the dudes out there who want more sasha grey scenes to wack off to. Look what happened to jenna jameson and tera patrick when they went mainstream. I dont think they like to fuck anymore PERIOD.

Do you think she would want to stretch per pussy out by fucking another monster dick dude for a couple of thousand bucks if she continues to do well in the movie business like I believe she will? Doubt it. She’s even gone highbrow on us by lecturing a bunch of geeks over at Yale discussing everything from nuclear proliferation to anal hygene.

R.I.P Sasha Grey, Pornstar, Deepthroat Specialist.


We will miss you. Link below to her profile in Pornpros, so you can appreciate her skillz.

Sasha Grey

Welcome to our Official Blog

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October 21 2010, 10:30 PM

Hey porn pros pervs! This is the first official post for the official Porn Pros Blog. I promise that every picture, every post, every video you see in this blog is going to be 100% unscripted and real. we will also cover tons of on set bloopers and porno office politics so you get a real understanding of how fucked up and crazy the porno business really is.

I am going to try and update this daily. If i skip a day or two, its because I am busy deep throating some new fresh teen. So dont get on my case about it :)