Don’t Piss Off a Puerto Rican Girl!

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November 4 2010, 11:59 PM

When you get involved with a porno chick, you should really be prepared for a life of jealousy, anger, lies, and of course Great Sex! It is naturally the fantastic nasty pornstar experience sex that drags us back again and again to the craziness. The video below again shows the ridiculous drama constantly surrounding porno chicks. Eve Evans is one spicy puerto rican porn slut. She gets into a fight over a man (surprise surprise)…Some other crazy puerto rican girl called her up and told her to stay away from her man lol. This stuff is straight out of a Jerry Springer Show.


Busty Newbie Flashes her DDs in Public

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November 4 2010, 12:04 AM

I am extra excited when we come across a girl with big tits, and not disgustingly big either. I mean a solid DD, dont care if its fake or not, as long as it looks full and not all scarred up…The girl I am specifically talking about is first timer (and last timer) Bailey Stone. You can see her in this episode of Cruelty Party. What is so awesome about the scene is that you can tell she wants to be the best whore she can be. When the camera was rolling, she couldn’t wait to taste the cock. She was well on her way to achieving her goal of being a pornstar of Jenna Jameson proportion. That is until we caught her hiding in the bathroom stall during breaks, consoling her boyfriend who had a sudden change of heart about her sucking cock for a living. Not just once, but during EVERY break for the duration of the shoot! “I’ll be home soon honey,” she says “you said you were ok with this.” Needless to say, her boyfriend got to her because she flaked out on her next shoot and we will probably never see her in the business again. Definitely a BIG FUCK YOU to her boyfriend for depriving us of titty fucking those mounds of joy.

The video below is a little snippet of how proud she is of her fantastic fake tits. Flashing them left and right to any man or woman on the street. I am surprised and thankful she didn’t cause an accident and bankrupt our entire company lol.


House Rules Part 3

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November 3 2010, 08:27 PM

I am so damn surprised that my porno mole hasn’t been exposed yet for sending this to me. Here’s another page straight from an unnamed pimp’s house. I love how they are charging $275 for lost keys. If I was the girl, I would head to home depot and make like 10 copies and hide them all over my room. These girls love to party and probably lose at least a key a week.

Shower Creeping

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November 2 2010, 11:40 PM

The second update for today involves another girl taking a whore bath. Maybe its because I feel a bit dirty after anally probing some random chick this morning.

Its pretty safe to say that we are all on this site because we love porn and love the girls that are in them. But for the guys who work at the office, its love X 100. I mean to dedicate a career to shooting girls doing the nastiest things imaginable, despite scorn from family and friends is not an easy decision to make. You can say that being around and messing around with the girls is an addiction for most guys here at the office.

For Bobby Beefcakes, one of our employees, to call it an addiction is like saying a black dude’s dick is a little above average. Beefcakes loves the whores. He finds any excuse to be around them. It almost gets in the way of actual work getting done. Whether its mindless chit chatting on the makeup chair, picking slutty outfits (when the director is already handling that), or in the video below…. weaseling a way to get into the shower with a girl after a scene. He’s so desperate to establish some sort of contact, he tried to pawn this off as a “behind the scene video”. Like I said, he will say and do anything to be around these girls. Sad but true.


Haley is Self Proclaimed “Vagitarian”

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November 2 2010, 11:04 PM

I know that we all would like to think that the girls in the business LOVE cock, and is only into some hot girl on girl action when they want to please their man. But lets face the truth, a lot of these girls in the business have some psychological issues. Normal chicks simply don’t fuck complete strangers on film. Normal chicks do not spread their assholes and pussies so we can take close-up pics and don’t feel strange or guilty afterwards. We have to face the fact that a lot of these girls probably got really fucked over by some boyfriend or something much worse like a sick family member mole**ing her.

I dont know which category our girl Haley (her scenes here and here) falls into but you can tell that she’s not really into dudes. We caught her calling herself a “VAGITARIAN” while giving herself an old fashioned whore bath. I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw an adult taking a bath that way lol


Big Surprise: Capri Anderson Plans to sue Charlie Sheen

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November 1 2010, 09:39 PM

It appears the drama between porn slut Capri Anderson and wild man Charlie Sheen have been taken to another level. Capri plans on suing Charlie for what occurred on the romantic night where Charlie, in a drunken rampage, held her in his hotel room against her will.

And again, for the average whoremonger, there’s plenty of lessons that can be learned from this incident:
1) You never want to brag about how much money you have because they will find a way to flip that on you and hang you out to dry. Lets face it…the whores are there because you are paying them to fuck you. Bragging about making more money than what you plan on leaving at the nightstand will not result in a better fuck session. The less they know, the better. If Charlie wants to brag about his 5 million dollar watch collection, then he better be ready to get sued by some crazy chick.
2) Keep your composure when dealing with hot crazy chicks like Capri. Crazy whores are like children in that they will always test your boundaries. If you do not keep your composure, they will spot that as a weakness and exploit the fuck out of it. Thats what I think happened that night between capri and charlie.
When Crazy Capri met Crazier Charlie, its like lighting a match in an old wooden barn. Things are going to get out of control very quickly.

Just keep all that stuff in mind when you finally meet the girl of your dreams…especially if she’s hot as hell.

You can masturbate to Capri’s scenes without being sued here at pornpros. CLICK FOR HER SCENES.

Post Halloween Gross Video of the Day

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November 1 2010, 09:18 PM

We do our best here at PornPros to really push the girls to do more and be more on our sets. Why do we feel the need to push them to perform at a higher level? Its because a lot of these girls are lazy as fuck and I can’t let them mail it in like that. Goes against my warped principles. They don’t want to put in the work to graduate high school. They don’t want to put in 40 hours a week at fast food restaurant making $1200 a month. They rather make $1200 a day by just laying there, opening their legs, getting plowed by 12 inch cocks then getting plastered with baby batter. Don’t get me wrong, I love them for that because pornography wouldn’t exist without lazy whores. Hot Lazy whores are what make us guys want to work our asses off, make tons of money, then spend it all on Blowjobs and anal sex with complete strangers.

In today’s video, I think we pushed our girl Mallory a little bit too far.