Mocha Latte with a shot of Douche

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November 10 2010, 12:24 AM

Brother Love works for us as a director here at Porn Pros. He’s a pretty laid back dude most of the time, except in the mornings when he’s a little bit of a whiny bitch. He’s always bitching about how the girls are late, how the guys do not fill their paperwork properly blah blah blah. He should know by now that porno people are NEVER on time and need help with spelling their own names. No sense beating a dead horse. The other thing which I am fine with but our PA, Bobby Beefcakes totally hates is fetching coffee every morning for him. I think Beefcakes would be fine with it if Brother Love isn’t such a douche when asking for it. Plus he’s one of these guys who fuckin needs like 2.5 packets of brown sugar, 1/3 of a pump of mocha, and needs drink to be at room temperature. Whatever happened to just a regular cup of coffee?

Revenge is quite sweet this time around for Beefcakes. He convinced sexy Blonde Teener Teagan to douche into Brother’s Love’s coffee Mug. He told me it took like 3 days for the stank to disappear from his taste palette. Yummy.


Gross Pic of the Day

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November 9 2010, 09:29 PM

Some of you guys may find this interesting or maybe even something worthy of applause. I just find it gross..I am use to seeing hot bitches parading through my office with DDs and a perfect ass. This…I dont need.

Car For Sale Ad: Too Much Information!

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November 9 2010, 09:15 PM

I think most people are self-centered in that they think that what goes on around them applies to everyone else. Example would be my excessive use of the word “whore.” As a veteran in the Porno business, I see whores parading through my office daily. I call the girls in this business whores but not as a sign of disrespect. Its really just who they are. They have sex for money, and I love them for that! I am not offended if people call me a pornographer or even smut peddler, its who I am. Sometimes, around family and non-porno friends, I find myself slipping and using the word “whore” in the same way I would say “pass the salt”. Normal people, or what we porno people call “civilians” are truly offended by the word “whore”. Its up to me to understand my audience and not use that word too often around them.

This ad below is another example of not understanding your audience. This guy obviously thought mentioning that the car was used in a gangbang is a strong selling point, kinda like power windows and gps navigation.

Bree Olson, Biggest Whore in the World

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November 8 2010, 11:26 PM

For you parents out there who are very proud of the accomplishments of your sons and daughters, you definitely know how I feel at this very moment. Pornpros has been in business (thanks to you perverts) for about 5 years now. Over the last 5 years, we have come across many girls who brag about being the biggest whore. But like Cinderella, there’s only one pair of feet that fit the magic slippers. And those slippers belong to Bree Olson. I am linking you to her 18 Years Old Scene because we shot her in that scene way back before she made a name for herself as the Biggest Whore in the World on the Howard Stern Show. We shot her while she was still a whore-in-training, struggling to find her inner-slut in a world where tons of other aspiring whores are trying to bring her down. Our catepillar has morphed into a beautiful (and whorish) butterfly. Link to audio of her appearance on Howard Stern show, where she won Biggest Whore in the World contest.


House Rules #4

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November 8 2010, 07:26 PM

Thats right more house rules. Its almost the end of it. I know you guys are probably thinking, how many rules are there? This list is starting to rival the Bible in length… the pimp could probably write this business off as a non-profit religious organization.

Latina Munches on Beefcake’s Ass

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November 5 2010, 11:00 PM

If you have been following the blog, you would know Who Bobby Beefcakes is. He’s our PA who loves to hang around with the girls on set, hoping to get some pussy during downtimes. He’s like a vulture circling the meaty pussy carcass, waiting for the right time to swoop down and take advantage of the first girl willing to give it up.

I do have to give it to him tho, it still takes some skills to convince a girl to munch on your ass like its the last supper. Its a mix of charisma, confidence and desperation. There is a method to getting laid, even with porno chicks. The girl’s name in this video is cute latina AJ Estrada. She really got bamboozled into licking beefcake’s asshole. As you will see in this video, the first step was to gain AJ’s trust. Beefcakes gains her trust by dogging the male talent. Then comes the dare. These girls love to be told they can’t do something. Its textbook reverse psychology. The rest, I will let you see for yourself. Enjoy.

Aj asseating

Porno Business Vocabulary 101

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November 5 2010, 10:24 PM

Every industry has its own set of vocabulary that  people outside of that industry are not familiar with. I feel like a total idiot when listening to my construction buddies discussing the details about how to build a house. Its the same with people who are not familiar with the porno business. For example, when on a porno set, instead of a high 5 or fist bump, we do an ELBOW BUMP. You do not want to give that person a high-five or a fist bump unless you want lube and assjuice all over your hands. A simple bump of the elbows would be the smart move.

But for today, I am going to focus on another word: GO-SEE.

A “go-see” happens when porno agents brings their brand new girls into our office for us to see if they are hot enough to shoot for our sites. If the chick is smokin hot, we book her right there. If the chick is sloppy and ugly, we keep our mouth shut.  The girls are asked to strip down, spread their pussies and assholes for proper inspection, then tell us what they are willing to do in a scene. Some girls only want to fuck other girls which basically means they will be unemployed. Times are hard and people want to see some hardcore action for their money. Other girls won’t do creampies or swallow. The list of do’s and dont’s get long and detailed. Sometimes u get weird combinations like, yes to anal, and rough sex but absolutely no black guys. Or they would do gangbangs which consists of 5 or more guys but won’t do facials. It all doesn’t make much logical sense, but thats why we love the whores and their crazy logic. Its what makes them so good in bed.

Below is a picture from a current go see. This spicy latina had no problem spreading her ass for us so we can pluck out every little hair for her. Video is getting encoded right now so expect a video of this next week.