Porn Pros PSA: How To Douche

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November 12 2010, 11:37 PM

If you make a living being a hand model, you better be wearing gloves when doing manual labor because one little scar can ruin your career. Same logic goes for Porn Stars and their Vaginas. Nobody knows the importance of a clean and well kept pussy more than pornstars. It is their cash machine, their money maker. I know of many porno girls who begged to stay at my place because they had no money and no place to stay BUT they still manage to have the baldest and cleanest pussy in the business. I mean, they don’t have money for food or a place to take a shower, but their pussy is still nice and shaved. Thats how serious the porno girl is about her golden vagina.

The video below is Mina Gold, a hot little girl next door teen showing us how a girl douches. You can really tell that she is wants to be doubly sure that her nicely groomed pussy doesn’t stink when another girl or dude starts munching away. She also talks about going black and possibly not coming back. Enjoy.


Fat Pussy Club

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November 11 2010, 11:29 PM

Like Texas, everything in Porn is bigger and better. Guys at the office love the girls with huge asses, tits, and yes even BIG, FAT PUSSIES. Thats why they were so excited to find that we were shooting Ava Adams for Massage Creep. For those of you who are interested in seeing her fat pussy getting massaged, her scene will go up on November 25th. From the looks of it she’s a shoe in for membership at the Fat Tittie Club as well as the Fat Pussy Club. Membership definitely has its privileges.


Member Feedback Appreciated

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November 11 2010, 10:44 PM

Hey Guys,

So I’ve been blogging for a few weeks now and I would love to hear some feedback on how good or shitty of a job I am doing.
– Is there something that you would like to see more of?
– Would you like for me to get more in-depth?
– Or would you prefer tons of ridiculously awesome pictures of hot whores.
– Any new site or scene ideas you would like to see.
– Any improvements you would like to see in the members area?
hit me up at:
the menace

Winner of Caption Writing Contest

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November 11 2010, 10:39 PM

So we finally decided on a winner for the first of many contests here at the pornpros. I have to first explain that it was difficult to choose a winner partly because we have restrictions on what we are allowed to put on our web site. So some of you who did not win, don’t take offense because generally I try to stay away from political or religious topics. Should be known its for business, not moral reasons. I should have stated that in the rules, but I didn’t expect so many atheistic and unpatriotic responses lol.

So again, I will be contacting the winner with regards to fulfilling his video fantasy. I will hit up the other contestants and offering a picture fan sign from a hot chick.

Winner below

Gross Video Of The Day – Cum Farting

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November 11 2010, 08:43 PM

Being in the porn business for 5+ years, I am a completely jaded motherfucker when it comes to my porno preferences. I remember the days when I first started to surf porn and the only sites I wacked off to are the single girl softcore stuff. That was my gateway porn. But like with all gateway porno, it leads down to a dark, winding path. Now the only vids I watch are Anal and the biggest dicks possible splitting the girls into two halves. Of course, the ancient art of cum farting is always one of my favorites. check out the video below.


Tanner Mayes Discusses Male G Spot

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November 11 2010, 12:37 AM

One thing that 90% of the girls in the business love to do to guys is to 1) trick them into fucking another dude or 2) the slightly straighter act of finger banging their assholes. I think its because these girls are getting tossed around like fuck dolls all the time by alpha males with huge cocks. Fucking dudes in the ass is their way of getting back at men.

Tanner Mayes is riding the fence a bit when it comes to emasculating guys. You can tell that she finds it sexy that a guy is willing to basically go gay in order to munch on her smooth pussy. But you can also tell that she finds it kinda gross and unnecessary. Apparently she doesn’t find it gross enough to decline spreading a dude’s ass open with two hands, then jamming two fingers into the guy’s prostate. One great thing about Tanner is that she can say all this stuff and maintain that cute next door girl vibe. I love this chick.

In the video below you will find her talking about Gay porn, fingering dudes, and the importance of cleaning out your fingernails after such an appalling act.

Tanner assfuckingguys

Quick Status on Caption Writing Contest

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November 10 2010, 11:39 PM

Hey guys, we have narrowed pack to two final contestants. Will pick winner by tomorrow and I will definitely hit up the winner so he can tell me what unmentionable acts he wants the girl to perform on video for him. I am in a generous mood so I will give away a free fan sign (girl holding sign with your name on it, saying hello) to all the losers as well!

There will be another contest very shortly for all you non-writers out there. going to try and keep it fun and light.

the menace.