Horny Jynx Maze Warms Up Before Scene

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November 19 2010, 01:31 AM

Young Girls now a days really have no problems about exposing themselves. With the advent of twitter, facebook, the line between private and public personae is definitely blurred. Every photo and video is documented and permanently up on the internet. Even one of the owners of google mentioned that teenagers would need to change their names later when looking for a real job. Imagine how much questionable material a simple employee background check would reveal?

I guess Jynx Maze is not too worried about getting a job with IBM. This girl is so comfortable with her curvy latina ass and tits. She just wants the cock 24/7. Even with an old bald dude as the male talent, her pussy is juicy and moist to the touch. Most girls would not fuck unless its part of the actual scene. Our girl Jynx doesn’t give a shit about that. In a classic case of Pavlovian Conditioning. The minute the dude whips out his dick, she needs to suck and ride it. Doesn’t matter if its from Brad Pitt or Steve Buscemi.

Jynx prefuck

Note: you can now scan through videos

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November 18 2010, 11:48 PM

Ok guys our tech guys tweaked a setting with the player so you are now able to scan through the video without waiting for the entire clip to download. Hope you like it.

Crazy Clip of the Day

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November 18 2010, 11:41 PM

The one type of girl on my bucket list that I would love to bang other than a someone who would let me cum in their eye and inject my cum in her ass, would be a girl who squirts like a sprinkler. Hunter Bryce would do just fine for that. She’s just really into squirting all over the place. def rent a hotel room or something so the maids can wipe the cum puddles off of the sheets and carpet lol


Go-See at the Porn Pros Office

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November 17 2010, 10:06 PM

We get tons of girls parading through the Porn Pros office at least 3-5 times a week…all hoping to make some cash with their money maker. As explained in previous blog entry, porno agents gather tons of these motivated newbies and take them from company to company, hoping to impress the owners and get these girls working. Some of these girls are crazy hot and will get booked immediately, other girls are decent looking but not good enough for us to shoot. Don’t get me wrong, I would fuck the shit out of these “B” level girls all day long, but that doesn’t mean I would put them in one of my scenes. I’m trying to look out for you pervs, trying to provide only the best whores available lol.

Vid below is a go-see with 4 girls. Two Americans and two non-English speakers. I have to tell you that I have a preference for American girls. Not only am I interested in the girl’s tits/pussy/ass, I want to know in detail about their fucked up background and views about life in general. With the foreign girls, the only type of communication come in the forms of nodding or grunting. I also think there’s something about american girls being raised to feel that being a pornstar is taboo. On the otherhand, its a job for the Foreign girls, no different than a cashier at Burger Kings. I remember being on set where a foreign girl who was getting reemed up the ass by the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Next thing I notice is her peeking at her watch to see when she needs to switch positions. Soul-less whores lol.

Let me know which one of these girls you feel deserves to be up on our site.


Gosee kiara

Beefcakes Strikes Again!

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November 17 2010, 02:00 AM

Damn.. I have to say Bobby Beefcakes, our perverted PA, is on a roll. He keeps hanging around the sets and finds some side pussy or BJ during breaks or after the shoots! All in the name of a “behind the scenes” interview lol. The victim this time is Mina Gold. You may remember her as the douche PSA entry from the blog last week. Obviously Beefcakes has developed some rapport with Mina because he smells blood in the water and is going in for the kill (aka sucking or fucking) this time around.

Mina is a def a girl next door from Utah thats really into pleasing dudes. Why do I say that? Any girl who’s willing to swallow like its a guys cum like its sweet yogurt is out to please their man.
In this video, Beefcakes dropped a nice load in her MOUTH. I have to say tho, I think he’s got a bit of an issue with the Premature ejaculation lol. Either that or the girl is really his type. We all have girls that rubs us the right way, forcing me to double up my condom so I am not as sensitive lol.


Lizz Tayler: Genuine Answers from a Genuine Girl

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November 16 2010, 12:16 AM

A lot of the time, doing interviews with these porno chicks can be a real pain in the ass. Meaning, some of these girls have absolutely no personality or care about doing a GREAT job. They just want to come in, do the scene, throw in a few fake orgasms and collect a paycheck. Conversely, when we get a chance to chat with an engaging and genuine Lizz Tayler, it makes everything an absolute pleasure. She’s got the best NATURAL tits in the business and she’s pretty much down to fuck whoever we put in front of her. I mean when you have “brianna banks”, one of the sluttiest porn stars in porno history, tattooed on your stomach, you know she’s got a real nasty side lurking in her.

In the vid below, she talks very frankly about many things in her past like:
1) her first orgasm by rubbing back and forth on a hackey sack
2) her first sexual experience with boy and a girl.
3) her addiction to sex (by the way this shit is not fake, watch what happens to her face when Bobby Beefcakes sticks his fingers in her pussy. Face doesn’t lie.)

Lizztaylor convo

House Rules # 5

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November 15 2010, 10:36 PM

Here’s the last house rules that an unnamed pimp plasters all over his house for the girls that are staying at his house of hoes. My insider who have been sending me these photos was fired today so no more inside info for a little while.

Check out rule #17. “Do not remove batteries from the remote controls. If backs of remotes are lost you will be charged $100″. I bet these horny girls are too lazy to make a Wallmart battery run for their vibrators, instead opting to steal batteries from remotes lol