Megan Phoenix, Burp Master

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December 1 2010, 01:38 AM

We all have special skills that most people cannot duplicate. I am able to jerk off with either hand without missing a beat. For our latest whore Megan Phoenix, her amazing skills and attributes include dick sucking, beautiful 36 D tits and the disgusting art of Burping. She’s a cool midwestern chick that needs a week or two in finishing school for proper ladies. But I guess I can forgive her since she’s willing to spread her legs like the phoenix tattooed on her back for us pervs!


Roast Beef for ThanksGiving

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November 26 2010, 12:38 AM

The perverted group here at Porn Pros would like to wish you a happy thanksgiving. I am going to try to stop by the office and post more whore vids over the next few days so you can sneak away for a few minutes in between family time and yard work to bang out a quickie.

Here’s a quickie vid of some Roast Beef to celebrate Thanksgiving. As you can see, the editors here at the office take full advantage of their research and development time.


Go See @ Porn Pros Office!

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November 24 2010, 10:09 PM

Christmas is around the corner and that means a lot of girls are desperate to get themselves a brand new pair of Gucci knee-high boots. We love that because that means a lot more girls will be parading through the Porn Pros office for GO-SEES. The agent brought 4 fresh girls this time, all looking to make a quick buck.

Let me know if you like any of these chicks. We will do our best to bring them in and spread their asshole and pussies for you pervs.


Gosee finley

Fat Pussy Club Hall of Fame: Kacey Jordan

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November 23 2010, 11:58 PM

Most fat pussies usually belong to meatier chicks or girls who have had their pussies stretched from giving birth. NOT Kacey Jordan who I would describe as a Double Threat. She’s a got a great petite and teenie body WITH an awesome PUFFY pussy. In fact, she refers to her pussy as K-Puff (how cute). Kacey truly reminds me of the girl I wanted to bang at my dorm back in the day…instead I drilled a hole in the wall and secretly filmed her banging the lacross team.

Kacey is definitely a Hall of Fame Inductee into the Porn Pros FAT PUSSY CLUB. Click Here for Previous Inductee Eve Adams

Kacey fpc

Jennifer White’s Down to Bang Anyone!

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November 23 2010, 12:17 AM

I compare the career of a pornstar to that of a pro athlete. Both have about 5-7 years to maximize on their youth and god given abilities. There’s a short window of time to take advantage of a pornstar’s perky tits, firm ass, and a willingness to make tons of money. Once they hit 27 (even before for most girls), its all downhill from there. Saggy tits and a cynical attitude take over.

Thats why I love Jennifer White and her “my pussy and ass is my money-maker” approach. She realizes that her window is closing so she’s down to fuck anybody that can afford her. Good for her and good for us :)

In this video Beefcakes is uncharacteristically belligerent with Jennifer. Making fun of her tits and pushing for her to answer how much $ she would take to fuck him and all his friends haha

Jenniferwhite convo

When will this Sheen v Capri nightmare end?

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November 22 2010, 08:27 PM

As sure as the sun will set today, it appears that Capri is going to sue Charlie Sheen for what occurred that romantic evening in his hotel room. She is alleging that Charlie choked her. I am not sure if he did or not, but my extensive experience as a whoremonger tells me that she’s playing the victim. The choking probably occurred but most likely with consent. What do I know, I’ve only been around the whores for over 8 years, studying them like biologists would study mating habits of gorillas. I know my whores.

Check her out on TMZ and see how well she’s playing the crowd in her nationally publicized interview.

Employee Knocked Out by 34 F Tits

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November 20 2010, 12:29 AM

The Porn Pros office is like a Frat House. A ridiculous amount of Hazing goes on all the time. Check this and this out from previous blog entries.

This time the prank is on our token Asian employee Ching (not his real name but it rhymes with that). He always brags about how big of a cock he’s got for an Asian and how many hot bitches he’s got in his stable. In fact, he constantly refers to himself as “Manchingo” or “The SituAsian”. Ching’s also has an annoying habit of not responding to his co-workers when they need some help or a question answered, mainly because his headphones are strapped to his head, always blasting some douche-y house music.

So we enlisted the help of Huge Titted Teen, Halie Cummings to play a prank on Ching. Her mission is to knock the headphones off his head with her huge melons. Her titties really defy gravity in this video, stretching and flopping to freakshow proportions while separating the headphones from poor Ching’s head.

Apologize for blurring out faces but we want our employees to have a clear conscience when attending family holiday functions.