Sugardaddy Phone Convo with Tanner Mayes

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December 13 2010, 08:18 PM

For those of you who have never been around a porn girl, you really have to beware of the deception and mind games you are exposing yourself to. These girls just love to do the “takeaway”. Promising awesome nasty sex then pulling the rug from under us…which of course leaves us begging for more.

This video is a PERFECT example of Tanner Mayes playing this guy like the fucking stradivarius violin. Tanner is the perfect mix of cute, sexy, and fun. Notice how she keeps stringing him along like the methological Siren, reeling him in until he’s helpless and begging for more great pornstar sex. Something tells me that sugardaddy is going to have a huge case of blueballs tonight lol


Philosophy Whores

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December 10 2010, 08:09 PM

Very rarely do you see the girls being themselves in front of the camera. In their natural habitat so to speak. When they notice the red recording light on the camera, they automatically turn into porn vixens moaning and grunting for their fans. Bobby Beefcakes started to record some candid conversations with these girls on the way or back from the scenes. For some reason, the girls are much more comfortable and willing to share whats going on with their Private Lives!

There are times though, where I actually wished I don’t know so much about the girls. Some of the stuff they say just baffles the mind and makes me feel like I am back in grade school. In this video, they talk about How The Want To Die, Lesbianism, and First Kisses. There was a really CANDID moment where newbie Rosalie Ruiz (cruelty party scene will be up on 12/22/10) says that the main reason she got into the biz is because she needed the money. I love it when the whores speak the truth!

Carconvo death

Melanie’s First Toy Orgasm

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December 9 2010, 01:31 AM

We have become a society that has become more and more dependent on machines. I use to question why people would NEED cell phones but now I am as much a tech whore as anyone else, waiting in line to buy the latest smart phone. Same is the case with girls and their vibrators. They have become too reliant on it. A normal dick is no longer good enough. They now need their clits to be knocked back and forth by a machine powerful enough to light a small town.

In this video Melanie Rios (also here and here) tries “the wand” with the help of Rebecca Blue. Rebecca is an old pro with the wand. She says she’s got 3 of them at home just incase of a malfunction. This video is awesome because you can really see Melanie’s cute teenie face thoroughly enjoying the good vibrations on her clit. Its her first time with the wand and you can really tell. Great Stuff.

Rios wand

Gross Video: MILF Sponge Extraction

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December 8 2010, 01:19 AM

Hot MILFS like Jewels Jade really know her way around a porno set. She unfortunately started her period prior to the scene but decided to plug her pussy with a make-up sponge. For those of you who are interested in what happens behind the scenes, this is common practice in the business. The triangular shaped sponge basically stops the flow so the huge cocks can ram her without getting too messy.

Watch as Bobby Beefcakes attempts to PULL THE SPONGE from Jewel’s box because it was pushed so damn far up there by the male talent’s long schlong. Other interesting tid bits about Jewel discussed in this vid include: BLACK CHICKS KICKING HER ASS, and her ability to MAKE HER TITS MOVE UP AND DOWN!


Beefcakes Perverted Plan Foiled!

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December 6 2010, 09:49 PM

Our Perverted PA, Bobby Beefcakes has been skating on thin ice when it comes to sneaking some “private” time with the porno girls on set. He’s become very adept at pulling the girl aside before/during or after the scenes and coercing them into sucking his dick or worse lol.

But like with most crimes, if you do it enough times, you will get caught. Everything was going as planned with Heather Starlet after a scene we shot recently until the male talent walked in on the romance that was occurring on the cold bathroom floor. You are probably thinking “whats the big deal they are on a porno set”. Usually I would agree but there’s something taboo about being caught with your pants down, literally. Kinda like if your boss were to catch you picking your nose at your desk. Can you pick your nose? sure you can. Would you rather he not see that? Of course.

Beefcakes foiled

Go See @ the Porn Pros Office

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December 2 2010, 11:56 PM

With mainstream media and advertisers encouraging girls to be whores (google “kesha”) I would hate to be a parent now a days. Best case scenario, you end up with a daughter that has blown at least couple of guys before age 16. All the hotties on go-sees at our office have absolutely no shame about taking off their clothes and showing us their assholes. They do it with the same ease as I would taking off a pair of socks.

Today’s go-see video is a perfect example of that. Pay attention to Kim Kennedy in particular. She’s a great girl and we have shot her several times since the interview but man, is she PROUD of her sucking and fucking skills. To quote Kim when asked about her skills “I suck good dick and fuck pretty bomb” I feel like I am talking to Paris Hilton or something. Anyways, def some good titty and ass shots in this vid enjoy

Gosee kim

Fucked Up Text Messages of the Day

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December 1 2010, 06:37 PM

Here’s a perfect example of being very clear and always proofread your texts before you press “send”. Great tip for you whoremongers out there who have a significant other. Great stuff.