Go-See Slut Audition @ Porn Pros Office

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December 26 2010, 11:38 PM

Here’s a recent go-see of Andrea Kelly and Divine, a girl that we didn’t shoot but asked if she can use our shower at the office haha! We said yes but our PA couldn’t help but to try and Shower Creep her out! Its a pretty funny blog entry for you members.

You can tell that Frank Benjamin, our head of production was sick and tired of conversing with these girls and pretty much whipped out his dick for an impromptu cock sucking audition. They even tried to weasel out of it by asking if his dick and balls are clean. Of course its NOT now suck it clean LOL.

Gosee 002

Have a Beefcakes Xmas!

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December 22 2010, 10:18 PM

Our Production do-it-all assistant Bobby Beefcakes treated himself to an early Xmas present this year by taking a vacation to the Philippines. He’s still raving about how obedient the Asian culture is and how the women treat him like he’s deity. Being the frathouse jackasses that we are, we decided to play a prank on him.

First thing we did is get a hot girl to leave juicy vagina snail trails all over his keyboard, mouse and office supplies. To add insult to injury we wrapped his entire desk with festive xmas wrapping paper! When Beefcakes returned from his trip to the orient, you can tell he wasn’t all too please, trying to contain his anger lol.

Beefcakes xmas

Deepthroat Loving

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December 22 2010, 12:55 AM

Most girls outside the business despise the BJ, let alone allow us to facefuck them like we hate their guts. Sexually charged Porno girls are so awesome because you can facefuck with reckless abandon, then go out to a nice dinner afterward.

The video below displays what skills an awesome deepthroat champion like Annette Schwartz possesses. Everything from warming up with bananas to deepthroating BEYOND balls deep.

Schwartz dt

Inside Look @ the Porn Pros Office!

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December 20 2010, 09:58 PM

The crew here at pornpros often take the greatest gift ever for granted. That gift being able to fuck any hot girl that comes into the office, if they are willing to show their face on camera! Thats why Bobby Beefcakes gets a lot of pussy. He’s willing to take a bunch of crap from family members during thanksgiving and Xmas, calling him a smut peddler. I am sure he’s getting the last laugh as he’s sliding his dick into some juicy pornstar pussy.

This video is a pretty funny parody with Codi Carmichael of what goes on here at the office.

Typical day

Gross Vid of the Day

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December 17 2010, 07:16 PM

The staff here at Porn Pros is all about helping the environment and being Green while on set. Thats why we are considering banning the use of silicon lube and replacing it with good old fashioned (and all natural) titty milk! We discovered that Amai Liu possess the extraordinary skill of milking hard cocks with her own type of lube. Pretty Gross but I didn’t promise you pervs that the Porno Business is all glitz and glamour!

Amai milk

Pre-Scene FingerBang

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December 17 2010, 12:24 AM

I am always amazed by how comfortable the girls are in the porno business when it comes to flashing their pussies and titties in public. Jynx Maze is definitely one of those girls. You don’t have to cajole her to spread her pussy in the car and have some dude fingerbang her. What I really like about this video is that you can tell she’s a cool chick thats down to do whatever + very easy going. Most guys really love how Her HORNY personality really transfers on film.

Jynx carconvo

Sofia Sutra’s Puffy Pussy

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December 15 2010, 12:58 AM

Here’s another cute girl that we’ve shot recently thats got a pretty fat pussy. Its not like Kacey Jordan’s puffy pussy but its definitely worthy of induction into the Porn Pros FAT PUSSY CLUB.

Her name is Sofia Sutra and she will make her debut appearance with PornPros on 12/22/10 in Cruelty Party.

Sofia fpc