Kacey Jordan Questionnaire

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January 7 2011, 05:50 AM

The crew at Pornpros is always trying to get the girls to reveal as much about their TRUE selves as possible. Thats why we also have girls fill out random written questionnaires. Sometimes the girls are more comfortable with the camera off… and writing down their perverted secrets and answers probably feels like they are writing in their own private diaries.

This week’s questionnaire is from Kacey Jordan. I am still waiting for the girl to select “short and skinny” as their preferred kind of cock LOL.

Email me if you have any suggestions for future Questionnaires!

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Behind the Scenes with April Oneil

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January 6 2011, 12:07 AM

A lot of the hot girls in the business start by doing only girl-girl (lesbian) scenes. A lot of the same girls realize after a couple of months that most guys want to see the girls get fucked by a real cock, not by a tongue, finger, or strap-on. It basically comes down to finances – A pornstar will get 10X more work if they are willing to fuck dudes …. and usually dudes with monster cocks lol.

April Oneil is one of these girls. She’s got a fantastic Natural DD Rack. In this video, Beefcakes talks about a spectrum of stuff from her decision to do boy-girl scenes to her OCD method of packing her whore outfits! And yes, you will see some bouncing titties!

Apriloneil convo

Is Kimberly Fat Pussy Club Worthy?

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January 5 2011, 02:24 AM

A lot of these hot girls we meet everyday are so use to guys falling at their feet. That’s why we do our best to throw these porn sluts a curve ball by creating the snooty and ultra exclusive Pornpros Fat Pussy Club. Only the fattest and puffiest pussies make it.

Today’s video is an example of a very cute girl Kimberly Kasanova writing checks with her EGO that her BODY can’t cash. Watch as Bobby Beefcakes knocks her down a peg for not having a fat enough pussy to join our club.

Kasanova fpc reject

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Are you Smarter than a Porn Star?

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January 4 2011, 12:32 AM

We caught cutie pie latina Ruby Reyes after a scene to quiz her about a couple of subjects including sports and geography. I have to give it to her, she’s actually pretty knowledgeable about sports, even though she got half of the answers wrong! One thing for sure, she’s got a nice PETITE BODY with some really full titties.

Ruby trivia

Alyssa Shaking Her White Booty

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December 29 2010, 06:36 PM

Alyssa Branch is one truly talented girl. She’s what we call a triple threat. She can SING, DANCE, AND FUCK. This girl loves to rap and sing, but we will show you her dancing skills today. Alyssa is going to be MassageCreeped on 1/6/2011 so definitely check that out!

Branch rap

Breanne Loves Rough Sex

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December 28 2010, 08:55 PM

This video is a classic case where I am not listening to a word she’s saying but am WATCHING every thing that’s going on. Watching her pretty face to go along with her Full C-cup Tits and shapely ass. You can’t beat a girl who weights 105 and has a set of Full C’s.

There were a few buzz words during Breanne Benson’s self-confession that caught my attention like “Sex isn’t good if my don’t feel like my cervix is falling out” or “I like having bathroom sex because I can see myself in the mirror.” I would love to check myself out too if I looked that good.

Benson talks

Naked Rock Climbing

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December 27 2010, 09:52 PM

There’s nothing sexier than hot chicks doing goofy things. It really makes me feel like she can be the girl-next-door. Then I am snapped back into reality when I realize that she swallows cum for a living LOL. Ivy Winters is definitely one of these girls who is not shy to show off her goofy side. Brother Love (aka BALLS OF STEEL) took her to some hiking trail close to our office and got her to attempt Rock Climbing Naked! Of course it was a horrible attempt at being an athlete by Ivy, but we didn’t hire her for her hiking skills. It is her cock sucking skills that we are truly interested in!