Dangers of Dating a Pornstar!

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January 18 2011, 11:40 PM

I have warned everyone who would listen about the positives and negatives of dating a pornstar before but I will go on a mini-rant again about this.

The biggest POSITIVE of banging a pornstar is obvious.
Great uninhibited sex where you can cum on the girl’s face or mouth without worrying if she feels you are treating her like a piece of trash. There’s something so satisfying about fulfilling your carnal desires.

The biggest NEGATIVE with dating a pornstar is:
The Headgames you have to constantly deal with if you get even slightly attached to her. It starts off as innocent fun, next thing you know, you are checking her voicemails and stalking her facebook friends! Do not underestimate the allure of the porno pussy!

Today’s video shows the REAL DEAL when it comes to dating a pornstar likeLoni Evans. She’s dating what we porno veterans call a “civilian”. Basically she’s fucking a dude that has a semi normal life and is not involved with the porno business. Check out this vid as she TELLS ALL about her relationship with her man and the lies she has to tell so her boyfriend doesn’t slit his own wrists LOL.

Loni bts

Amateur Latina Sisters @ Porn Pros Office

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January 15 2011, 12:11 AM

We get girls of all sizes and shapes here at the Porn Pros Office. Some of the girls are absolute stunners, so much so I almost want to take her straight home and make her one of my many concubines. Other times, you get more of the girl-next-door type with FUCKED UP stories and backgrounds. I mean, I am sick of girls telling me that they want to get into porn because they LOVE SEX. How unoriginal.

These two latinas sluts are SISTERS FROM DIFFERENT FATHERS! Whats more awesome is that the older sister introduced the younger to Stripping and the younger sister returns the favor by getting her into Porn! I love how they have no problems being nude around each other and seemingly have no issues about pimping each other out to strange men!

Check this video out, this stuff is real life. No fakes at Porn Pros!

Gosee rica

Pornstar Questionnaire: Kourtney Kane

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January 14 2011, 07:13 PM

Let me introduce to you one of the hottest girls we have shot in the last 6 months. Her name is Kourtney Kane. Not only is she a southern bell with a seductive twang, Kourtney also has the nicest set of enhanced tits. They are not bolt-on titties nor are they oddly shaped. Basically its not a hackjob one would see with some of the pornstars!

We had Kourtney fill out a simple questionnaire asking the essentials like SPIT or SWALLOW to IQ test questions. I can’t believe these girls actually got them right. Its humiliating when a Pornwhore beats a college grad like myself on an IQ test haha.

We will put up a bts video with Kourtney very soon but members please enjoy her scenes. She’s fuckin hot!

Gross Vid of Day: Aleska’s ATM

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January 13 2011, 01:56 AM

Some of the girls that we having coming through our doors have the nastiest fetishes … and usually it the really hot euro girls!

This blog video actually was shot at Aleska’s request. Not sure if its because Aleska’s ass juices reminds her of homemade Russian borscht?


Natalie’s 1st Scene Ever!

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January 11 2011, 10:23 PM

Natalie Vegas is a BRAND NEW girl and we were able to shoot her VERY FIRST SCENE in the business! The surprising thing about Natalie is that she walks and talks like a porn chick who’s already sucked many cocks on camera. Usually the newbies have that deer in headlights look…dazed and confused lol

In this video, Natalie discusses her fake tits, ruining men’s lives, and her thoughts about the scene she just shot! Enjoy

Natalie newbie

Booty Clap and some Lesbian Action

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January 10 2011, 10:23 PM

There are some girls in the business who fuck dudes for strictly because of money but would rather be with munching on pussy 24/7. I guess u can call them “straight for pay” lol. During the course of a scene, you can always tell when a girl is more into girls vs guys. Lily Carter is def one of these girls.

Lilly really got into the display of black girl booty shaking by Sophia Sutra. I mean she can really shake her ass pretty good for a white girl! Both of them are in cruelty party having tons of fun!


Employee Suffers from Blue Balls!

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January 7 2011, 10:21 PM

Frankly, I don’t know how we get ANY work done here at the Porn Pros Office! Although it has become way more serious and professional than the old days where pornstars would pick a random dude at the office to suck off, there are still times where certain girls just love to tease and flirt.

Rosalie Ruiz is definitely that kind of girl. She delivered the best and worst moment of our in-house editor’s life. First she teases the balls out of him with a fantastic nude lap dance. Then she leaves him sitting at his desk with a hard-on. There’s nothing more humiliating than having to jerk-off in the office bathroom because some porno chick won’t do it for you!