2nd Pornstar who Partied with Charlie Sheen!

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January 27 2011, 11:40 PM

Extra Extra! The news is rolling in hard and fast about all the debauchery that occurred before Charlie Sheen was hospitalized this morning! A second girl was identified and her name is Melanie Rios (source here).

It appears that Charlie’s sexual appetite for cute pornstars is insatiable! And based on the video below it appears that Melanie’s appetite for orgasms is also bottomless!

Rios wand

Is Charlie Sheen Kacey Jordan’s Next Sugardaddy?

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January 27 2011, 01:33 PM

Our favorite pornstar Kacey Jordan was one of the pornstars partying with Charlie Sheen before he was rushed to the hospital! Below is our a video of our girl Kacey talking about her desire for a sugardaddy! Story about the whole Charlie ordeal here! This video shot a month ago has Kacey talking about wanting a sugardaddy..Maybe Charlie is next in line?

I wonder if Charlie is a big fan of our site? We are pretty sure we have more scenes of Kacey Jordan and Alexis Capri (the girl who called the cops on him a few weeks ago) than most porn companies. I will say that he has great taste in girls!

Kacey sugardaddy

Porn Blooper: a Header

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January 27 2011, 01:16 AM

Being on the porno set is more dangerous than you might think. There’s all kinds of different lights, heavy duty cameras, and wires to trip on. In this Disgraced 18 scene with Alyssa Branch to be updated on 1/27/11 (thats tomorrow!), she is on the receiving end of the of the bound and pound. Everything is going according plan until in the throws of passion, she HEADBUTTS the camera like a bull would a rodeo clown! She got owned haha!


Punt my Testicles like its a Football!

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January 25 2011, 10:18 PM

For you pervs who have been following the blog, you probably saw an earlier post regarding our director Brother Love and his sadistic love of getting punted in the balls by hot girls. Some of you guys hit me up after viewing the video and basically called me a fraud … that Brother Love was hiding some sort of protective device under his shorts … that no man can withstand such a beating to their nads!

So we shot another video with Brother Love bottomless (no use of any tricks or mirrors), getting kicked in the balls by 3 abusive porn whores. Well….two of them got pretty abusive. The delicate Asian lotus flower was afraid to hurt poor Brother Love. But this video is definitive proof that we don’t fuck around here at Porn Pros. When we say someone is going to get kicked in the balls, we really mean it!


New Fat Pussy Club Member: Gigi

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January 25 2011, 12:17 AM

I am starting to think that there’s a correlation with having a fat pussy and being a horny girl. There should scientific experiments performed based on this hypothesis. I mean, all that extra pussy skin rubbing against panties or a slight breeze brushing against a girl’s pussy lips must have some affect on how horny a girl gets. If I am right, then Gigi Rivera must walk around dripping wet all day! She’s got the nicest puffy pussies I’ve seen a while, which makes her the latest addition to the Porn Pros Fat Pussy Club!

Gigi fpc

Adult Entertainment Expo Coverage!

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January 21 2011, 01:25 AM

For you pervs who want to see your favorite pornstars’ tits and pussies up close and personal, you may want to check out the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo held yearly in Las Vegas. There’s tons of booths from your favorite adult companies and of course tons of girls dressed like hot whores parading around the showroom floor!

Being a jaded porno vet I decided this year to fuck some whores in the comforts of my own home instead of going through all the craziness that is Vegas. We sent our PA Bobby Beefcakes to cover the show so you can get a taste of what it would have been like to meet all the whores you’ve been jerking off to for the last year of your life!

The video below is a quick video montage of the convention floor. These girls are obviously having tons of fun receiving attention from their biggest stalkers errr…fans. Some girls featured in this video, we have had the pleasure of banging on camera. Girls like Sophie Dee, Jayden James, Alexis Texas, Bree Olson, and Jynx Maze!


Big Tittie Party Time!

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January 20 2011, 01:16 AM

Today is Hump day so I really just want to kick back, drink some beer and watch some huge titties bounce up and down like basketballs. That’s why I am sharing this vid with you pervs. Its simply just uninhibited lesbian big-titty action with some attractive porn sluts. We shot this scene for cruelty party and the action here is pretty awesome because its all about big titties bouncing everywhere. Watch as Mina Gold gets CRUSHED by two sets of HUGE TITTIES! You can tell she’s in Lesbian Heaven!