All You Can Eat Pussy with Jada

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February 8 2011, 09:03 PM

I’ve been showing a lot of girl on girl action lately so I am going to change gears and get some heterosexual pussy eating and fucking videos up for you pervs! The cute girl in this video is Jada Stevens. She’s a big time whore (in the most positive sense of the word) and loves to have her pussy eaten out. Our male talent Eric was more than happy to “tongue fuck her ovaries” for a good while before he pumped her good with his cock. Jada is insatiable! I mean any girl who continues to get her pussy sucked and fucked AFTER a scene must be a certified nympho!

Jada metime

Fun with Clothespins!

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February 8 2011, 12:49 AM

Some of the girls we shoot are into the kinkiest acts, thats why we book them for Disgraced 18! The girl featured in this video is Natalia Rouge. You can see the whole scene on 2/10/2011! Check out this crazy video as she braces for the clothespins to be ripped off her back! Like I said, this girl really like it rough and kinky!


Ron Jeremy Orgy

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February 4 2011, 11:03 PM

During porno shoots, one can never predict what can spontaneously happen on set. Sometimes, the sh*t hits the fan when a girl freaks and storms off set because she’s got an issue with her nipples being rubbed.  Other times we would get some crazy horny girls who are down to do anything before/during/after the scene. They don’t give a fuck. Its all about them getting off!

This video shows what can happen on a good day. We were shooting another episode of Jurassic Cock with the depraved Ivy Winters. The alternative cutie with the pink hair and natural FULL C CUP titties was just there to hang out and meet the infamous Ron Jeremy. Her name is Hayden and she will be featured in Cruelty Party on 2/16/11. Based on the way she’s giggling through the entire video, you can tell she’s shy….but not quite shy enough to eat Ivy’s pussy out on camera! And of course our Jurassic Cock vet, Ron Jeremy found a way to weasel his way into some finger banging action!

Hayden ivy cream

Sophia’s Lesbian Confession

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February 4 2011, 12:49 AM

Its pretty amazing how many porn starlets in the business are into girls. I would say like 50% of girls in this business would rather eat pussy than suck dick. Sad but true lol. We interviewed girl-crazy Sophia Sutra who can be seen in this episode of cruelty party.  Sophia revealed to us that she works as a nanny and would rather hook up with the children’s mothers than the fathers!  Then she proceeds to seduce another girl from the scene by diving right into a nipple lick fest. Watch as Sophia’s nipples got harder than eraser tips when its being sucked by the soft lips of a lesbian slut! Very sexy.

Sophia lesbian

Lizz Tayler’s Wet Dream Surprise!

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February 2 2011, 11:37 PM

We here at Porn Pros are all about making peoples’ dreams come true. Usually its about getting our customers off but this time its about hooking up two hot girls for a evening of sweet romance and cunnilingus.  Lizz Tayler is one of the sexiest girls we have shot this past year. She’s not pretentious and very easy to talk to and hang with. Most importantly she’s got the nicest set of NATURAL D TITTIES I have ever seen!

Lizz is also a HUGE fan of party whore Tanner Mayes. So much so, she’s been begging us to shoot a scene with Tanner every time we see her! Well we finally made Lizz’s wet dream come true by hooking them up in a TeenBff Scene.

Watch Lizz’s reaction as she’s slurping whipped cream from Tanner’s asshole. Lizz buried her head between Tanner’s cheeks as if the cure for cancer is laced all over her rim! Classic Stuff.

Tannerlizz surprise

Go-See with 2 Homeless Whores

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February 1 2011, 12:00 AM

One thing I love about this business is the variety of fucked up people that come through everyday. One moment it could be the hottest girl you have ever seen with the self esteem of a 400 pound chick with a scar across her face. Then we get a chick who’s all gun-ho to shoot, saying that she really needed the money…only to leave our dicks hanging on the day of the shoot.

So I am very excited to see that we finally got two homeless girls strolling into the Porn Pros office who are down to do anything for a few measly bucks. Alaska and Talon look like normal chicks but further probing by our production manager Frank Benjamin reveal that these girls were living in a car for a bit before they decided to “move on up” and become whores.  We felt generous today so we offered an additional $20 for these girls to deepthroat a dirty ass dildo lol.  Definitely check out the video, these girls are full of personality and its a fun watch.

Gosee alaska

Samantha Saint Shower Interview!

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January 28 2011, 11:20 PM

Samantha Saint falls into the same category as hottie Breanne Benson: THE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU JUST SAID BUT DAMN YOU ARE HOT! CATEGORY. Samantha is a midwest hot-girl-next-door that is carefree and loves to have fun! We shot this SHOWER INTERVIEW after her Real Ex Girlfriends Scene due out 2/9/2011. Samantha is a newbie in the business and she’s very excited to be shooting her second scene ever with Pornpros. And like Breanne, she likes to be dominated and fucked hard which puts me out of the running. I am a lazy fuck and would rather have the girls service me haha. The video below has her talking all kinds of stuff but like I said, I was just looking at her awesome enhanced tits and cute face!

Saint shower