Words of Wisdom from Breanne

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March 3 2011, 11:52 PM

Here’s some more interesting pre-scene chatting with super-hot Breanne Benson. Other than loving rough sex which we have already heard much about, we see a slightly more fun and normal side to her. She shakes her ass for us like a sista and also tells us that she recently woke up with a huge cock in her pussy! I envy the dude who’s tapping that pussy!  Tons of other fun facts in this video. I would recommend you watch this video, if nothing else, to see that shapely ass jiggle and shake CLOSE UP!

Breanne bts

Tanner and Lizz: Sex Feinds!

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March 3 2011, 01:03 AM

The dynamic duo of Tanner Mays and Lizz Tayler is at it again talking about all kinds of stuff relating to sex. We caught them during makeup chatting about everything from masturbation to their feelings about being sexually degraded! Again, these girls are great behind the scenes because you can see they truly enjoy being around the porno set and all the perverts circling around it. Some girls just punch the clock and are pains in the asses to deal with. You are definitely not going to get that kind of attitude from these Super-Whores!

Tannerlizz masturbate

Giggling Newbie Hayden

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February 28 2011, 09:53 PM

Its pretty amazing the social cache that Ron Jeremy has.  I mean, he’s pretty much at the top of the food chain when it comes to notoriety. He has broke into the mainstream. I guess that’s why newbie punk girl Hayden was giggling uncontrollably while hanging with Ron on set! But not even Ron with all his fame and fortunes can cajole Hayden into blowing his baloney pony… not yet at least :) . Have to give it to Ron as he tried almost everything under the sun to try and get Hayden to whore it up. All Hayden would do was giggle and laugh at Ron’s feeble attempts.

Ron fangirl

Britney’s Beautiful Puffy Pussy

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February 25 2011, 05:53 PM

Britney Beth is one of the hottest girls we have had the pleasure shoot this year. She’s a classic blond with HUGE TITS. But this video is not about her memorable mammeries but about her induction into the Porn Pros Fat Pussy Club!

This video is VERY interesting because it actually gives you some insight as to how hot girls like Britney are super sensitive about having a fat pussy. She even retells a great story about asking her doctor to fix the perceived problem. Well Britney, the guys here at Porn Pros want to let you know that we LOVE YOUR FAT PUSSY and how those beautiful lips cling on to a cock like a vacuum cleaner! Don’t change a thing!

Britney fpc

Tiffany’s Booty

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February 24 2011, 09:48 PM

The phrase “Tiffany’s Booty” has a poetic feel to it. It could definitely be nominated for Best Picture if there was a Porno Oscars out there. We caught Tiffany Brookes before a scene talking about her newly found junk in her trunk. She appeared a while back in an 18 Years old Scene but I definitely like the newer, more booty-licious version much better! Enjoy the video.

Tiffany ass

Samantha Saint, Queef Queen

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February 23 2011, 11:39 PM

I am sure most of you pervs are familiar with the ancient art of Queefing. Guys with huge cocks usually get the girls to queef much more. Its simple physics. Bigger width + length = More air (circulation) in the vagina = QUEEF EXPLOSION! Such is the case with hottie Samantha Saint. Watch as she UNCONTROLLABLY QUEEFS on set.

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How to French Inhale, Whore Style

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February 22 2011, 02:45 AM

Pornstars pick up all kinds of tricks as they graduate from teenage slut to full on porn whore. Some of them are sexual like learning to DEEPTHROAT huge cocks or to SQUIRT like a water fountain! Some of the tricks like the one that Alyssa Branch is going to show us is more innocent like learning how to French Inhale. It isn’t her sticking a 14 inch dildo up her ass but it does tell you a little bit more about this cute 18-year-old. I like videos like this because it shows us who these girls are before or after they get plundered by ginormous cocks. I like to see what a girl acts and talks like when you just hang out with them.

Branch inhale