Tiffany Enjoys Great Fuck

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March 17 2011, 12:08 AM

We love sexy Tiffany Brookes because she actually enjoys being a part of the porno business and getting plowed by huge cocks. The video below is total proof of how much she enjoys getting fucked. It shows the aftermath of her getting plowed by our male talent with her mentioning how they have to fuck again. I wish the porno chicks would say that to me LOL. There’s also some great behind the scenes discussion about how we want the cumshot for this Deepthroat love scene to play out. In this scene, we decided to a mouth creampie, which basically means he cums in her mouth while Tiffany is still deepthroating and sucking. Now that’s a great ending to this love story!

Tiffany enjoying

Dani Jensen’s Hula Hoop!

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March 15 2011, 06:52 PM

We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on super slut Dani Jensen. They love the fact that she CUMS FOR REAL on set and also because she eats ass like its going out style.

Dani in this video is proud that she’s the Hula Hoop Champion of Glendora. Although she displays some pretty awesome hula hoop skills, I can’t help but wonder how many judge asses and dicks she sucked to win that award LOL. One thing is for sure, all that hula hooping has sculpted her spinner body to perfection.

Jensen  hoops

Breanne’s Deep Throat Preview

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March 12 2011, 12:13 AM

Breanne Benson is the kind of girl that you pray to have an opportunity to fuck the shit out of at least once in your life. She’s got a sexy face to go with a petite yet curvacious body. After watching this video, I am actually digging her personality as well. She got really candid with us and went into detail about her cocksucking technique. I loved hearing her talk about this because you can really tell that she knows about cocks and what to do with them. No Lame BJs with her! She also divulged about SWALLOWING HER OWN VOMIT during a romantic deepthroat session! I absolutely love the fact that she’s has the courtesy to swallow her own vomit. Normal chicks would spit chunks out like tobacco and ruin the mood. Not our darling Breanne. She’s a TROOPER!

Breanne will appear on Deep Throat Love on 3/21/2011 so definitely do not miss it!

Breanne dtl

Win a Prize! Decipher this Fan Letter!

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March 10 2011, 12:56 AM

As you can probably guess, we have tons of perverted fans contacting us through various methods. Most of the time its via email. But the CRAZIEST and most incoherent letters almost always arrive via snail mail.  I mean, if you are resorting to snail mail to contact us, you probably live in a cave somewhere and is jerking off to VHS copies of our videos!  The letter below is a perfect example something that can only come from the mind of a drunk (and most likely unemployed) perv! I am not sure what he’s trying to say, but I think he’s applying for a job here at the Porn Pros office.

The first member who can coherently translate this mess will receive a Porn Pros Tee Shirt! Shoot me an email ASAP! This is going to go FAST!

Natalie Vegas Cheers for Porn Pros

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March 9 2011, 12:17 AM

There’s nothing more awesome than watching some beautifully enhanced titties bounce up and down on a super cute girl. Our director Brother Love got Porn Pros Cheer Slut Natalie Vegas to do a cheer for us while jumping rope. Again, she’s got awesome tits and a very shapely ass. All those years at cheerleading school has done A LOT of good for her! Members, definitely be on the lookout for her Deepthroat love episode!

Vegas jumprope

All Aboard the Choo Choo!

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March 8 2011, 12:55 AM

The best part about being in the porno business is all the fun we get to have with the girls before and after the scenes. Sometimes we all get a little lucky because the girls are sexually insatiable! Such is the case in the Jurassic Cock scene we shot with Ron Jeremy. We were all taking a little break and an orgy breaks out like spontaneous combustion! We have Ivy Winters blowing our director Brother Love. We also have Ron Jeremy trying his hardest to convince Hayden to give that pussy up. And of course its not an orgy without 4 people linked together like train carts, all either sucking dick or licking ass/pussy! Winning!


Dani’s Awesome Orgasm

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March 4 2011, 11:51 PM

The guys here at Porn Pros absolutely LOVE Dani Jensen! She’s a big fan of Marilyn Monroe, which basically means that she wants to be the biggest whore that ever lived! Watch this awesome clip of her SHAKING like she’s got epilepsy while getting plowed!