Girl Crush

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December 22 2011, 12:30 AM

A shoot is so much more fun when the girls are into each other.  A lot of the time, the girls are gay for pay which means basically they won’t dine on that pussy like its an all you can eat lobster buffet.  I am not that into girl/girl action so there better be some feverish pussy and asshole munching to get me half hard.  But this TeenBFF scene with Jessie Rogers and Holly Michaels has me standing at full mass because its totally obvious that they are really into each other.  Check out this post scene shower video where Holly proclaims her love for the ass-licious Jessie.

Holly jessie shower

Khloe is a Pussy

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December 15 2011, 11:01 PM

That’s right I said it!  Khloe Kush might have a tight vagina but she’s definitely a big pussy.   Our director attempted to snap a couple of nipple clamps on this girl and she was not having it!  Can’t believe this girl can take a 10 inch cock with no issues but is deathly afraid of a couple of tiny nipple pinchers LOL.

Khloe clamps

Cleanest Pornstar in the World!

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December 12 2011, 11:26 PM

It is well documented that I am not a fan of Euro whores.  They are usually austere and cold with very little personality.  Alison Star is the exception.  She’s got plenty of personality.  I would love to have her in my room for a week, load up on viagras and fuck her until she cries uncle!  I know our PA Bobby Beefcakes is thinking the exact same thing.  That’s why he so gleefully volunteered to do a shower interview, hoping to snatch some of that euro punani.  Pretty good interview as we found out why Alison takes 8 showers a day and why her nails can give Wolverine a run for his money!

Other vids involving Pornstar Hygiene:

Obsessive compulsive teeth brushing

Breanne’s douche tutorial

Alison clean

White Trash Whores

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December 9 2011, 09:24 PM

There are times when the quality of the girls that swing by our office to audition for an opportunity to shoot for Porn Pros is not what I would consider grade A beef.  Often, that is made worse when the girls don’t have personalities to make us forget about their physical shortcomings.  This is definitely not the case with these white trash whores who sauntered into our office recently.

Meet Lexi (skinny one) and Daisy.  What they lack in looks, they make up for with PURE enthusiasm about sucking cock and sex!  The fat one is a self proclaimed nymph while the skinny one with the nice rack boasts about her BJ and cock grinding abilities.  I actually got a bit turned on when Lexi described how she would milk a cock as its cumming on her face or in her mouth!  Niiiiiice. Watch the video in its entirety and you won’t be disappointed.

Gosee lexi daisy

Cruisin’ with Sensi & Lexi

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December 8 2011, 03:46 AM

Here’s some really great candid footage of Sensi Pearl and Lexi Bloom being their cute slutty selves.  This video was taken after their recent Teen BFF scene.  You can tell these girls have great chemistry because they have a common enemy: Fake Titties LOL.  Check out the video to see them rip on artificially enhanced breasts!

Sensi lexi carconvo

Kourtney’s Deep Throat

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December 6 2011, 08:47 PM

I absolutely love Kourtney Kane and her sexy southern draw.   Carrying a set of phenomenal fake titties doesn’t hurt a bit either. One of the most popular requests we get from you pervs are for more deep throating sluts.  Its a challenge because most cocks in the jizz bizz are 8 inches long with the girth resembling a water bottle.  Its not easy people!!!  This video is a prime example of a hot girl who can barely deep throat a cocktail weiner.  But she sure looks damn cute doing it!

Kourtney deepthroat

Snotty BJ

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December 2 2011, 01:27 AM

The girls working for Porn Pros take a ton of pride in their jobs.  Its not just enough to gag on a cock, our sluts need to choke on it until snot uncontrollably gushes out like water breaking through a dam.  Click here for the full scene.

Check out the other Snot BJ from last year…Classic!

Snot bj