Jenna’s Juicy Fat Pussy

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April 11 2011, 11:17 PM

Bobby Beefcakes is at it again with the latest addition to the Porn Pros Fat Pussy Club! This week’s induction to our hall of fame is the precocious Jenna Rose. She is very new to the business and you can tell that by the way she nervously laughs at all of Beefcake’s corny jokes. The hardened whores just want to get the scene over with lol. I have to say Jenna’s Rose is definitely in full FAT bloom. When she pinches her pussy lips together, it looks like a  plump hamburger.

Fpc jennarose

Most Anal Girl in Porn!

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April 8 2011, 10:55 PM

Finding a porn star that is mentally stable and extremely organized is VERY difficult to find.  You would have a better chance finding the hope diamond aboard the Titanic!  That’s why we were totally shocked when Jessie Andrews opened her suitcase to reveal something never seen in the history of porn: A well thought out and organized suitcase with tons of slutty outfits for us to choose from! This girl is so organized, she even brought her own douche! Our directors OG Mudbone and Bobby Beefcakes took this opportunity to make fun of her anal-ness and her wild and unkept bush!

Jessie bagcheck

Don’t Jizz in Your Pants!

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April 7 2011, 11:51 PM

If you are a minute man or like to secretly jizz in your pants while a stripper is grinding her asshole against your cock, then Breanne Benson is definitely not for you. In this candid video, Breanne details how guys at stripclubs would jizz in their pants while she’s doing her thing and how much it grosses her out LOL. To that, I say if you jump into a lake, you are going to get wet. Slimy cum on your ass is part of the territory when you choose to become a professional stripper (cum extractor).

Breanne lapcum

Lapdance Heaven

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April 5 2011, 10:58 PM

Jada Steven’s mantra when it comes to being a good stripper and dancer is “practice makes perfect”. Not sure about the practice part but this girl has the perfect set of tits with a crazy shapely ass that will make many men jizz in their pants. In fact, she almost made our director Brother love spill his seed with some seductive ass grinding! Jada’s body is definitely to be admired!

Jada lapdance

Gia’s Turnons

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April 4 2011, 11:24 PM

Here’s some more awesome candid footage of Gia Love of what turns her on and her sexual preferences. It still amazes me how experienced these girls are in the way of the whore. They are able to provide detail and nuance to simple questions like “What is your favorite position to give head in?” Gia expertly answers “well depends on the shape of the guy’s penis”. Now that is an answer from someone who’s been polishing a lot of knobs lol!

Gia turnons

Holly’s Deep Throat!

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April 1 2011, 09:07 PM

There are people who are born with gifts. Michael Jordan’s firey competitiveness to go with his freak athletic abilities will probably never be matched, he was born to play the game of basketball. After watching this video, I can say that Holly Michael’s natural ability to be a MASTER DEEPTHROATER is unmatched! She deep throats an 11 INCH DILDO with ease. Whats more amazing is that she was able to swallow this ridiculous thing only on her second try! Now that is as pure a deep throat talent as you are going to get!

Current Members: watch her New Deep throat Love scene this Monday 4/4/2011!

Holly deepthroat

101 ways to play with Lizz’s Titties!

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March 31 2011, 11:09 PM

Here’s another video involving the always horny, hot slut next door Lizz Tayler showing the various ways she can play with her fun bags. I absolutely love this chick because she’s always about pleasing men and getting herself off! You can really see it in her eyes. Enjoy her memorable mammeries!

Liz 101ways