Buttplug Heaven!

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June 15 2011, 10:51 PM

All I really want to say about this masturbation video with super slut Tiffany Brookes is: 100% JERKOFF MATERIAL. I can put this video on loop and get off for days! Awesome!  We have a lot of scenes in the members area and trust me, she’s all about the sex in all of them.

Buttplug heaven

Aubrey Adams Sex Convo

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June 14 2011, 07:16 PM

Aubrey Adams is one of the cutest girls we have ever shot here at Porn Pros. She’s got the girl-next-door vibe with super hot looks. I am usually not a fan of fake titties but Aubrey’s are perfect for her petite frame. We interviewed this blonde vixen before a scene about the roller coaster ride that is her Porn Career, including her growing fondness for Anal Sex. You know what people say “Asshole is the NEW Vagina”!


Stefanie talks Swinger Lifestyle

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June 10 2011, 11:02 PM

Stefanie Moretti is definitely one of the more well rounded girls in the business. She is a Master Trick Hooper and as you will see in a future blog entry, a pretty damn good pool player. In this video, she describes a more intimate part of her life. She talks about the ins and outs of the swinger lifestyle, debunking the perception that its all about sucking and fucking complete strangers. Interesting vid with a cool chick

Moretti swinger

Diamond Kitty’s Awesome Sex Life

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June 8 2011, 11:11 PM

We love Diamond Kitty here at Porn Pros. Its because she’s a GENUINE cum loving fiend. What’s not to like about a girl who loves rough sex, swallowing cum, participates in orgies with her husband, and has the ability to stick an entire 12″ Dildo up her Culo (that’s the anus for the non-spanish speaking pervs). She talks about all of that (while naked) in this cool vid.

Bj technique

Memorable Mammeries!

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June 6 2011, 10:43 PM

Meet Maserati and Jessica, two nubian sluts we shot in a recent 40 Oz Bounce scene. These two big titted girls are no joke.. Maserati on the left is blessed with “H” sized titties which oozes chocolate milk. Jessica isn’t too bad herself with a pair of “DD”s. I would love to bury my face into those huge mounds of chocolate truffles.

40oz bts1

Pornstars have Superior Hygiene

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June 2 2011, 12:35 AM

The Pornstar Pussy is like a finely tuned high end import car.  Its extremely temperamental, the upkeep is never-ending, and it will break down on you if you don’t keep it in tip top shape LOL.  That’s why Breanne Benson is very particular about how she douches her money maker, including the ratio of douche juice to water is required to maintain proper PH balance for her vagina. She also gets on her soapbox and preaches about PornStar pussies being way cleaner than civilian (normal chicks) pussies because they douche and shave daily. To me its kind of a chicken or the egg deal…pussies only need cleaning if it gets stranger cocks 24/7. One can argue that pornstar pussies require the hose job because without it, it will probably act up like a nuclear reactor LOL.

Breanne douche

Finish Him!

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May 31 2011, 11:23 PM

I believe the most dangerous type of human being is that of a femme fatale. They are sexy as hell but at the same time, can detach your cock from your body with one swift swipe! I think Adriana Luna definitely qualifies as a girl who can suck a mean cock, but can also sever your head from your body if you piss her off. She’s been taking thai kickboxing for over 5 years and it really shows! Even PA Bobby Beefcakes, a former MMA punching bag, is surprised by her powerful kicks. I definitely don’t want to be around this girl. The mental makeup of a crazy pornstar + powerful roundhouse kick = reverse domestic abuse LOL.