Respect the Vagina!

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July 15 2011, 09:37 PM

Ruby Knox respects her vagina. This is because Ruby knows that her vagina is her money maker. A pornstar with a broken vagina is like a carpenter without a hammer and nails. That’s why she does tons of research on how to keep her vagina fresh and clean… and claims to be an OBGYN with a degree from the university of World Wide Web LOL. Great vid where she first sounds off about how to properly “respect the vagina”, then tries to prove to our director how delicious her pussy really is!

Ruby vagtalk

Pornstar Break Dance!

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July 14 2011, 06:53 PM

Stephani Moretti is a girl with many talents. For those of you who religiously follow the blog, you already know that Stephani is also a master billiards player, a hoola hoop champion, and a sexually charged swinger! I am going to dedicate a new phrase to my personal Porn Dictionary to Stephani.  The word is “Renaissance Whore”.  The definition being:  a sexually charged porn star with many interests and talents outside of cock sucking / fucking.

This video shows yet another awesome talent Stephani has under her sleeve.  This girl is also a pretty decent break dancer!  We can tell she’s a bit shy about break dancing on camera for Porn Pros so lets give her props for being a great sport.  Now lets Break it down bitches!

Stefani breakdance

The Perfect BlowJob

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July 12 2011, 11:06 PM

What can I say but our PA / New Director Bobby Beefcakes has tricked another whore into eating his asshole! Fortunately, the girl he tricked doesn’t require much tricking. Ava Devine is one of the most cock hungry whores on the face of this planet. She worships the cock like the Greeks worship Zeus!

In this vid, Ava shows what it takes to give “The Perfect Blowjob”. Great stuff here as Ava expertly works the cock, balls, and asshole with reckless abandon! She subscribes to my No Balls and Asshole Left Behind legislation when it comes to BJs LOL.

Devine cocksuck

The Ladies Love Johnny

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July 11 2011, 10:28 PM

Its a fact that some guys have no problem getting more pussy than any man can dream of while others have to resort to paying for it. Male Talent Johnny Castle falls into the former. He’s looks like an Abercrombie model and knows how to play hard to get which drives the girls crazy. Most male talents follow these girls like lap dogs but Castle appears to know the game. All the girls request to work with him and beg us to not use any of the guys from Jurassic Cock LOL.

In this Disgraced 18 scene scheduled to be in the members area this Thursday (7/14/2011), Melanie Rios gets so worked up over Johnny, she inadvertently squirts all over his cock. Its a very hot scene where it’s obvious that Melanie is truly into the cock she’s fucking and sucking. Don’t Miss it!

Rios squirt

Foreigners sure can Lick Pussy!

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July 7 2011, 10:55 PM

I am usually not a fan of shooting foreign girls because I just find it very difficult to communicate with them. Don’t get me wrong, most foreigner porn sluts are phenomenal looking, its just very difficult to REALLY GET TO KNOW THE GIRL if you can’t communicate with her. Porno purists like myself need to know more than just the girls’ age and bust size. But like this video shows, you don’t need much banter when it comes to eating pussy! You can check out the actual scene with these girls by clicking here.

Gymnastic whores

Ohs Nos!

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July 5 2011, 09:59 PM

We love our big titted Madison Ivy! She’s really into being a submissive fuck doll and is down to try anything at least once, including slurping warm baby batter from another girl’s asshole. This video talks about Madison’s favorite orifices to have a dude shoot his load into! Conversely, She also talks about her eye-cum experiences LOL.

Madison eyecum

T-Shirt Contest Results & Winners

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July 5 2011, 06:55 PM

Ok Porn Pros Pervs, we have the results of our “Count Melanie’s Spokes” contest. For those of you who missed it last week, we had a contest to guess how many asshole ridges (spokes) Melanie Rios has on her virgin asshole. First 10 winners get a free Porn Pros T shirt. I can’t believe some of the absurd guesses I received. One member guessed 5 spokes while another member guessed 107! Seriously guys, you need to get your eyes checked LOL. I will be emailing the 10 winners to get the details and the vid below reveals the Spoke count!

Rios spoke post