Rilynn’s Journey to Porno

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August 1 2011, 07:49 PM

When I first met Rilynn, I thought about 2 things: 1) what an agreeable little 18 year old fuck toy and 2) where were her parents when she decided to run away to southern California with a bunch of guys who eventually convinced her to be a porn star!  Very interesting story from a cute 18 year old with nice tight butt.

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Rylenn newbie

New Boobies for Lexi!

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July 28 2011, 08:20 PM

It is absolutely amazing what a new set of titties can do for a Porno girl’s self esteem. Its like dudes and their cars. Our self worth and confidence is very much linked to what type of car we drive. That’s why you get a bunch of douche bags driving a BMW but lives in a 400 square foot studio apartment! Lexi Swallow is crazy excited about her new Boobies! Its obvious that her plastic surgeon has changed her entire outlook on life! I must say, her doctor did a phenomenal job because they look awesome and feel like soft marshmallows! For the record, I support any girl who wants to enhance their boobs because if bigger tits help women become better whores, the world is definitely a better place!

Lexi newboobs

Alanah Loves to Deepthroat

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July 26 2011, 06:40 PM

Alanah Rae is a cute girl from the south with basketball-sized juggs. She gets all worked up in this video while describing her very first deep-throating experience.  You can definitely tell she’s not saying some phoney shit she thinks us pervs want to hear. Good video to go with some Great tits!

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Alana dt

Bailey Bam’s Queef Tales

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July 25 2011, 08:39 PM

Bailey Bam admits that she’s got a very narrow vagina. We think its because Bailey has only been in the jizz biz for 1 week. She’s hasn’t been thoroughly pounded and stretched by 10 inch cocks on a daily basis yet. 6 months from now, I would bet the farm that she would be a prime candidate for induction into the Porn Pros Fat Pussy Club! But until that transformation happens, please enjoy this video where she talks about how she first discovered the ancient art of queefing (fart from pussy)…. and how her Dad and boyfriend were not too pleased with her discovery!

Bailey queef

Capri’s Straight Cold Hearted!

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July 21 2011, 05:59 PM

Capri Cavali is one of the hottest girls we’ve ever shot here at Porn Pros. She’s got a stunning face to go with a very tight and athletic body. After watching this video where Capri retells her text message breakup with her boyfriend followed by her return to doing boy/girl scenes, I realized that you need to BRRRING IT if you want to fuck a girl like Capri. She’s not going to fall for wimp-ass pussies with small cocks! Check out the video and let me know if you get that same vibe from this cold hearted killa LOL

Cavalli hot

Ava’s Vagina Monologue

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July 20 2011, 10:12 PM

The guys at Porn Pros love Ava Adams. She’s got big soft titties with a friendly personality. She’s also very open with her sexuality, sharing her Lesbian cherry-popping experiences as well as having an entire vagina monologue about her likes and dislikes. Really get a good feel for Ava’s personality in this video, she’s definitely not a blow up doll!

Ava vagtalk

Titties Galore

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July 18 2011, 11:26 PM

Here’s some more behind the scenes footage of a Cruelty Party scene we shot with Madison Ivy, Britney Amber, Jamie Valentine and Bibi Noel. With the exception of Bibi (who has an awesome ass), all the other girls have some of the juiciest titties in the business. So much so, both of our directors couldn’t resist diving head-first into those mounds of flesh! Some pretty solid impromptu footage if you are interested in what goes on between takes.