Tanner Mayes Discusses Male G Spot

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: Behind the Scenes

November 11 2010, 12:37 AM

One thing that 90% of the girls in the business love to do to guys is to 1) trick them into fucking another dude or 2) the slightly straighter act of finger banging their assholes. I think its because these girls are getting tossed around like fuck dolls all the time by alpha males with huge cocks. Fucking dudes in the ass is their way of getting back at men.

Tanner Mayes is riding the fence a bit when it comes to emasculating guys. You can tell that she finds it sexy that a guy is willing to basically go gay in order to munch on her smooth pussy. But you can also tell that she finds it kinda gross and unnecessary. Apparently she doesn’t find it gross enough to decline spreading a dude’s ass open with two hands, then jamming two fingers into the guy’s prostate. One great thing about Tanner is that she can say all this stuff and maintain that cute next door girl vibe. I love this chick.

In the video below you will find her talking about Gay porn, fingering dudes, and the importance of cleaning out your fingernails after such an appalling act.

Tanner assfuckingguys