PornPros Employee Lapdance Debacle

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: Behind the Scenes

October 28 2010, 08:16 PM

The pornpros is a very unique office environment, its part frat house, part strip club, part prison. Our guys work pretty hard here at the office so in addition free friday lunches, we offer employee lapdances provided that we can film and humiliate them. One employee was brave enough to step forward and take one for the team. The employee, we will call him Scrub Boy, is actually the newest member of the team. Scrub Boy is responsible for the very tedious task of quality assuring our website. I think thats why he was willing to actually smell and eat some porno pussy instead of watching it on a computer monitor all day long.

I dont know if Scrub Boy was too excited or nervous about his “Lapdance with a Pornstar” but this kind gesture by the his bosses almost backfired when our pornstar (Eve Evans) pushed her teenie little taint towards Scrub Boy’s eagerly awaiting schnoz. So anxious was Scrub boy to taste the ass nectar, he forgot that he needed to maintain balance and both feet on the ground, especially when trying to steady Eve in the 69 position.

Enjoy this ridiculousness

Employee lapdance