One man’s not enough for Amia!

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: Behind the Scenes

March 23 2011, 07:06 PM

Amia Miley was voted class flirt in high school and has come a long way since then! This girl is like the Ultimate Femme Fatale. Our director Brother Love was extracting one story after another from this exotic slut. This girl has NEVER been faithful to one guy and I don’t blame her. She probably gets hit up by every guy she meets. She simply has too many options (cocks) to choose from. There’s also some great stories of her de-virginizing a dude then dumping him the day after as well as her fucking two brothers in the same night on separate occassions! Wow I am a bit intimidated and definitely feel sorry for the guy who wants to marry this black widow LOL.

Amia cheating