Mocha Latte with a shot of Douche

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: Behind the Scenes

November 10 2010, 12:24 AM

Brother Love works for us as a director here at Porn Pros. He’s a pretty laid back dude most of the time, except in the mornings when he’s a little bit of a whiny bitch. He’s always bitching about how the girls are late, how the guys do not fill their paperwork properly blah blah blah. He should know by now that porno people are NEVER on time and need help with spelling their own names. No sense beating a dead horse. The other thing which I am fine with but our PA, Bobby Beefcakes totally hates is fetching coffee every morning for him. I think Beefcakes would be fine with it if Brother Love isn’t such a douche when asking for it. Plus he’s one of these guys who fuckin needs like 2.5 packets of brown sugar, 1/3 of a pump of mocha, and needs drink to be at room temperature. Whatever happened to just a regular cup of coffee?

Revenge is quite sweet this time around for Beefcakes. He convinced sexy Blonde Teener Teagan to douche into Brother’s Love’s coffee Mug. He told me it took like 3 days for the stank to disappear from his taste palette. Yummy.