Melanie’s First Toy Orgasm

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: Behind the Scenes

December 9 2010, 01:31 AM

We have become a society that has become more and more dependent on machines. I use to question why people would NEED cell phones but now I am as much a tech whore as anyone else, waiting in line to buy the latest smart phone. Same is the case with girls and their vibrators. They have become too reliant on it. A normal dick is no longer good enough. They now need their clits to be knocked back and forth by a machine powerful enough to light a small town.

In this video Melanie Rios (also here and here) tries “the wand” with the help of Rebecca Blue. Rebecca is an old pro with the wand. She says she’s got 3 of them at home just incase of a malfunction. This video is awesome because you can really see Melanie’s cute teenie face thoroughly enjoying the good vibrations on her clit. Its her first time with the wand and you can really tell. Great Stuff.

Rios wand