Jennifer White’s Down to Bang Anyone!

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: Behind the Scenes

November 23 2010, 12:17 AM

I compare the career of a pornstar to that of a pro athlete. Both have about 5-7 years to maximize on their youth and god given abilities. There’s a short window of time to take advantage of a pornstar’s perky tits, firm ass, and a willingness to make tons of money. Once they hit 27 (even before for most girls), its all downhill from there. Saggy tits and a cynical attitude take over.

Thats why I love Jennifer White and her “my pussy and ass is my money-maker” approach. She realizes that her window is closing so she’s down to fuck anybody that can afford her. Good for her and good for us :)

In this video Beefcakes is uncharacteristically belligerent with Jennifer. Making fun of her tits and pushing for her to answer how much $ she would take to fuck him and all his friends haha

Jenniferwhite convo