Car For Sale Ad: Too Much Information!

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: Uncategorized

November 9 2010, 09:15 PM

I think most people are self-centered in that they think that what goes on around them applies to everyone else. Example would be my excessive use of the word “whore.” As a veteran in the Porno business, I see whores parading through my office daily. I call the girls in this business whores but not as a sign of disrespect. Its really just who they are. They have sex for money, and I love them for that! I am not offended if people call me a pornographer or even smut peddler, its who I am. Sometimes, around family and non-porno friends, I find myself slipping and using the word “whore” in the same way I would say “pass the salt”. Normal people, or what we porno people call “civilians” are truly offended by the word “whore”. Its up to me to understand my audience and not use that word too often around them.

This ad below is another example of not understanding your audience. This guy obviously thought mentioning that the car was used in a gangbang is a strong selling point, kinda like power windows and gps navigation.