Big Surprise: Capri Anderson Plans to sue Charlie Sheen

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: capri and charlie

November 1 2010, 09:39 PM

It appears the drama between porn slut Capri Anderson and wild man Charlie Sheen have been taken to another level. Capri plans on suing Charlie for what occurred on the romantic night where Charlie, in a drunken rampage, held her in his hotel room against her will.

And again, for the average whoremonger, there’s plenty of lessons that can be learned from this incident:
1) You never want to brag about how much money you have because they will find a way to flip that on you and hang you out to dry. Lets face it…the whores are there because you are paying them to fuck you. Bragging about making more money than what you plan on leaving at the nightstand will not result in a better fuck session. The less they know, the better. If Charlie wants to brag about his 5 million dollar watch collection, then he better be ready to get sued by some crazy chick.
2) Keep your composure when dealing with hot crazy chicks like Capri. Crazy whores are like children in that they will always test your boundaries. If you do not keep your composure, they will spot that as a weakness and exploit the fuck out of it. Thats what I think happened that night between capri and charlie.
When Crazy Capri met Crazier Charlie, its like lighting a match in an old wooden barn. Things are going to get out of control very quickly.

Just keep all that stuff in mind when you finally meet the girl of your dreams…especially if she’s hot as hell.

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