Beefcakes Strikes Again!

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: Behind the Scenes

November 17 2010, 02:00 AM

Damn.. I have to say Bobby Beefcakes, our perverted PA, is on a roll. He keeps hanging around the sets and finds some side pussy or BJ during breaks or after the shoots! All in the name of a “behind the scenes” interview lol. The victim this time is Mina Gold. You may remember her as the douche PSA entry from the blog last week. Obviously Beefcakes has developed some rapport with Mina because he smells blood in the water and is going in for the kill (aka sucking or fucking) this time around.

Mina is a def a girl next door from Utah thats really into pleasing dudes. Why do I say that? Any girl who’s willing to swallow like its a guys cum like its sweet yogurt is out to please their man.
In this video, Beefcakes dropped a nice load in her MOUTH. I have to say tho, I think he’s got a bit of an issue with the Premature ejaculation lol. Either that or the girl is really his type. We all have girls that rubs us the right way, forcing me to double up my condom so I am not as sensitive lol.