Beefcakes Perverted Plan Foiled!

Author: yellowmenace / Categories: Behind the Scenes

December 6 2010, 09:49 PM

Our Perverted PA, Bobby Beefcakes has been skating on thin ice when it comes to sneaking some “private” time with the porno girls on set. He’s become very adept at pulling the girl aside before/during or after the scenes and coercing them into sucking his dick or worse lol.

But like with most crimes, if you do it enough times, you will get caught. Everything was going as planned with Heather Starlet after a scene we shot recently until the male talent walked in on the romance that was occurring on the cold bathroom floor. You are probably thinking “whats the big deal they are on a porno set”. Usually I would agree but there’s something taboo about being caught with your pants down, literally. Kinda like if your boss were to catch you picking your nose at your desk. Can you pick your nose? sure you can. Would you rather he not see that? Of course.

Beefcakes foiled